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FAST Engineering partnered with Titan ICT (Titan) to deploy a team of highly experienced SCADA personnel for the communications design, modem configuration, SCADA design and SCADA testing support for intelligent devices in Ergon Energy's distribution network. The distribution devices were to include Automatic Circuit Reclosers, Remote Sectionalisers, Remote Load Break Switches and Line Fault Indicators.

Technical Requirements

Through extensive knowledge of ABB Ventyx PED500 & WS500, communications protocols: Ethernet, TCP/IP, RS232 & DNP3, distribution devices: Schneider, CAPM, NOJA & Gridsense FAST Engineering (FAST) ensured they met all of the essential and desirable criteria Ergon Energy had specified in the tender. The package of work required comprehensive reviewing and interpretation of the line design drawings and system alteration sketches with an in depth understanding of Automation Design standards, processes and procedures. The team were to adapt quickly to Ergon Energy's proprietary system/databases to create or modify distribution device/modem information with web based interface tools and databases while documenting communication designs and Inspection & Test Plans. Utilise SCADA applications to develop displays and test procedures to assist with SCADA testing of distribution devices.


Titan/FAST was tasked to deliver a program of works for the SCADA design and SCADA testing support for intelligent devices in Ergon Energy's LV distribution network. Due to the extensive knowledge in the team FAST had composed, only limited training was essential before we could commence autonomous delivery of the work required. Standard work procedures specific to the FAST team were formed to ensure superior quality standards and stringent client specifications were met consistently by all team members. These specifications covered a range of systems comprising of SCADA/Automation implementation, Distribution Lines standards and procedures, Communications/SCADA Design systems and databases, distribution devices, communication protocols, Master Station databases and graphical display design/runtime tools and cyber security. Reporting to monitor and maintain time scheduling reporting for team members and progress reporting. These SAP styled systems fed into a range of project and commercial systems for the project. Client performance meetings were scheduled weekly to ensure quality and time constraints were continually met.


Due to the highly skilled personnel (over 160 years of direct experience) with automation design standards, processes and procedures FAST was able to deliver the program of works with incredible speed and efficiency while maintaining the high quality standards put in place.


Wade Harris
Senior SCADA Engineer/Director, FAST Engineering
Brenton Ford
Control Systems Team Leader, FAST Engineering
Shaun Lumley
SCADA and Software Engineer, FAST Engineering
Ashley Welke, Brian Ross, Ken Connolly, Peter Cristaudo
Senior SCADA, FAST Engineering
Peter Eaton
Senior SCADA, Titan ICT
Simon Zaiko
Senior ICT Consultant, Titan ICT


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